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Century® Versys V.SPAR 2 Fight Simulator (YOUTH)

Century® Versys V.SPAR 2 Fight Simulator (YOUTH)


Century® Versys V.SPAR 2 Fight Simulator (YOUTH)

Discover a whole new way to train with the Century Versys V.SPAR.2 Spar Simulator.

Its state-of-the-art patented three leg structure, along with its two grappling arms, provides a realistic approach allowing for every takedown, throw, sweep, hold, and lock imaginable.



  • Advanced or young beginners can safely learn to practice throws, hip tosses, leg sweeps, ankle picks, arm drags, crotch lifts, single and double leg takedowns

  • V.SPAR.2 is a perfect tool for conditioning and training drills, combinations, stand up to ground transitions, and ground and pound

  • Martial arts training with V.SPAR.2 can enhance hand-eye coordination speeding up progression for special ground techniques



  • Made with high-density foam for maximum impact absorption

  • Constructed of durable polyurethane/high-impact foam

  • Prefilled, requires no additional water or sand

  • Legs and arms are a soft and flexible structural core for full flexibility and natural rebounding to original position

  • Patented three leg structure is strategically weighted to stand upright

  • One-year replacement warranty on all Versys™ Fight Simulators

    Some assembly required

    Size: Bag-11” DIA.; Bas- 14” DIA; Total Height: 48” TALL
    Weight: Approx. 40 LBS
    Color: Black/Red

    Item # :  10188

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