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Tournament Sparring Gear Bag (Black)


Tournament Sparring Gear Bag (Black)

Tournament Martial Arts Gear Bag (Navy)

  • The bag for virtually every activity! At 27” long x 9” wide x 13” deep, these leatherette bags are huge!
  • Double zipper opening on top allows for maximum capacity.
  • Welted seams for extra durability.
  • Black adjustable shoulder strap easily clips on and off.
  • Two carrying handles are reinforce, double stitched for extra support.
  • Great for carrying all your protective gear, weapons, uniforms and whatever else you need.
  • You won’t believe how much these bags can hold!

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We sell quality Martial Arts gear bags as well as weapons bags, duffle and tournament bags. You will also find backpacks and Karate bags to carry all of your Karate supplies. Our gear bags are an excellent way to carry around your Martial Arts supplies such as uniforms, shoes, sparring gear, as well as other equipment. These bags have several different compartments to assist you in keeping your Martial Arts supplies organized and zipper pockets to keep even your smaller Martial Arts gear secure. Browse our selection to view the different styles and sizes to best keep your Martial Arts shoes, uniforms, sparring gear or other Karate supplies organized. is your source for Karate Supplies, Martial Arts Equipment & Kung Fu Supplies

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