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Tomahawk Black Dragon 3 Piece Sword Set

Tomahawk Black Dragon 3 Piece Sword Set

bullet18 1/2" overall Tanto with 11 1/4" blade
bullet28 1/4" overall Wakizashi with 19" blade
bullet37 1/4" overall Katana with 27" blade.
bulletAll three items feature a carbon steel blade and authentic style handle with black cord wrap and ornate polished chrome menuki and tsuba.
bulletBlack lacquer finish wood scabbard with imitation mother-of-pearl dragon design.
bulletBlack wooden display stand.


**Note: Due to state laws, we are not allowed to sell this item in the following states: CA, MA and NY.

**Will not be sold to minors.

**Bladed weapons and nunchuckus will only be shipped to billing address.

**All weapons are for demonstration or decorative purposes only. If used for demonstration, expert care and supervision should be exercised.

Item # :  BBS-XL1179

PRICE:    $59.99  






We have an extensive sword collection that ranges from Ninja swords, Tai Chi swords, XMA swords and Samuria style swords made with aluminum, steel or even toy swords for children. We also have other bladed weapons of interest including Kamas. Knives, Throwing Stars, and Sais. All of these weapons have practice non-sharpened counterparts for beginners which include Foam Swords and Kamas, Rubber Sais, Polypropylene Knives, and other non sharpened varieties which can be found in our All Practice section. We also have several different styles of displays or stands for every weapon to help you keep your weapons well protected and in shape. Feel free to browse the rest of our site and see our other apparel such as shoes, gear bags, and sparring gear.

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Complete Lightweight Student Uniform by BBS
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Century Martial Arts Karate Student 5 Pc  Saprring Gear Combo Set
Martial Arts Karate Student 5 Pc  Sparring Gear Combo Set
Sale $55.99

Santa Christmas Ornaments
Santa Christmas Ornaments


Bold Deluxe Gear Bag





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