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The Krav Maga Workout – Total Body Conditioning + Active Flexibility DVD

The Krav Maga Workout – Total Body Conditioning + Active Flexibility DVD




The Krav Maga Workout is like no other. This DVD includes 2 intense 30 minute workouts – which help you to condition your body as you ingrain the muscle-memory reactions of life saving Krav defense techniques. Two flexibility routines are also included, perfect for increasing range of motion in your training. Here is an example of a workout:

o    Workout 1: Krav Cardio + Upper Body Conditioning (37 minutes) - Warm up, Krav Round 1 (5 torturous Krav combos, interlaced with upper body exercises), Krav Round 2 (more pain and gain), and Cool Down.

o    Workout 2: Krav Cardio + Lower Body Conditioning (33 minutes) - Warm up, Krav Round 1 (5 Krav combos, along with lower body HIIT), Krav Round 2 (more krav defense combos + lower body), and Cool Down.

o    Flexibility Routine 1 (8 minutes) - 14 different static stretches, focused on increasing flexibility and range of motion. This routine can be used in the morning, after a training session, after a run, etc.

o    Flexibility Routine 2 (8 minutes) - 14 different static stretches, infused with yoga-based poses, to get a deep stretch in your upper and lower body. This routine can be done after a Krav class, an intense workout, or whenever you’d like.

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