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The Art of Hojo Undo: Power Training for Traditional Karate


The Art of Hojo Undo: Power Training for Traditional Karate

The Art of Hojo Undo: Power Training for Traditional Karate


Hojo Undo means 'supplementary training', and using these tools is the key for developing the devastating power of karate techniques. Without Hojo Undo, a practitioner cannot reach the profound strength levels required for a lifetime of karate training. This book details how to construct and use many training tools; provides accurate mechanical drawings, comprehensive training methods, and an historical context to understand why Hojo Undo was created in 'old' Okinawa.

- Warm up exercises.
- Detailed construction drawings.
- Build your own Hojo Undo tools!
- Learn how to use the tools to develop devastating power.
- Link your increased power to fighting techniques.
- Hear what Okinawan Masters say about Hojo Undo training.

Michael Clarke, Kyoshi 7th dan, Okinawan Goju-ryu has trained in karate since 1973. He has written over two hundred articles for international martial arts magazines, and authored three books. Starting as a young 'street-fighter' in England, to a disciplined student of budo in Okinawa, Clarke enthusiastically teaches traditional Goju-ryu Karate in his dojo near Launceston Tasmania, Australia.

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