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Tang Soo Do with Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak DVD's

Tang Soo Do with Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak DVD's

Tang Soo Do with Grandmaster Ho Sik Pak Series Titles

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Grand Master Ho Sik Pak began his study of Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan at the age of 10 in Yong Mun, a small town in Kyung Ki province of South Korea. He was awarded Cho Dan at the age of 13 and continued his study there until 1977.
From 1977 to 1979, Grand Master Pak served in the Korean Army and taught combat and self-defense skills to his fellow servicemen. Following his discharge from the military, he was employed as an instructor of Tang Soo Do at the American Air Force Base in Kun San province, Jun Ra Buk Do, South Korea. There he taught those same techniques to U.S. Military Personnel until 1982.
In 1982, he was chosen as a member of the Korean Olympic Tang Soo Do team and traveled to the International Tang Soo Do Championship in Atlantic City, New Jersey, contributing to the team's victory. At this time, he decided to make the United States his permanent residence and moved to Southern California

Nine titles to choose from below.
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Tang Soo Do with Granmaster Ho Sik Pak

Fundamentals #PAKD-001
Advance Strtching #PAKD-002
Protective Armor Self Defense #PAKD-003
Rapid Fire One Step Sparring #PAKD-004
Beginning Warrior Forms #PAKD-005
Intermediate Warrior Forms #PAKD-006
Advanced Warrior Forms #PAKD-007
Poweful Second Dan Forms And Execution #PAKD-008
Devastating Third Dan Forms And Execution #PAKD-009

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