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Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi Weapons Series DVD's

Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi Weapons Series Set


Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi Weapons Series DVD's


Shihan Mikio Nishiuchi returns to update his most popular programs that demonstrate the fundamentals of Kobudo Weaponry. These new titles have been digitally recorded and mastered for quality.
Shihan Nishiuchi is president and founder of the International Okinawa Kobudo Association. He is a 7th degree Black Belt in Kobudo, having received his training and degrees from Shihan Matayoshi Shimpo and Kaicho Takashi Kinjo, both of Naha City, Okinawa. He holds a certified Chuden degree by the 19th successor, Hanshi Sawada of Hasegawa Eishin Ryu.

8 volume titles to choose from

Volume 1: Sai

Includes fundamentals of the sai. With the help of Shihan bolz, Nishiuchi demonstrates how to practice with a partner.
Approx. 30 min.


Volume 2: Nunchaku

Features updates on fundamentals of the Nunchaku.
Approx. 40 min.


Volume 3: Tonfa

Training includes popular fundamentals of the tonfa.
Approx. 38 min.


Volume 4: Ni Choh Tan-Bo

Demonstrates the proper fundamentals of the Ni-Choh Tan-bo.
Approx. 28 min.


Volume 5: Bo

Shows all of Shihan Nishiuchi's fundamentals of the bo.
Approx. 34 min.


Volume 6: Bokken and Samurai Sword

Demonstrates the proper fundamentals of the bokken and Samurai Sword.
Approx. 48 min.


Volume 7: Introduction to Kobudo Weaponry

Demonstrates the proper fundamentals of six different Kobudo weapons such as the sai, nunchaku, tonfa, bo, ni-choh tan-bo (two 3-foot long staff) and the Samurai sword.
Approx. 58 min.


Volume 8: Introduction to Shu-chu Weaponry

Introduces and demonstrates the proper fundamentals of the rare Kobudo weapon known as the Shu-chu. Teaches how to hold and turn the weapon. Basic movements include: stepping vertical punches, punch and grab throat, high punch to Jin-chu, and side rib cage attack, and how to practice with a partner. As a bonus see a new Kata, Koh-bu no Shu-chu never seen before on any video.
Approx. 45 min.


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