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Martial Arts Karate Weapons


 Martial Arts Karate Weapons
Cannot be sold to California and New York in the U.S. and to Canada.  Please check your local laws.
 Introduction to American Nunchaku DVD
 Introduction to American Chucks DVD

Advanced American Double Chucks DVD

G-Force Swirl Chain Chucks

G-Force Swirl Chain Chucks

G-Force Swirl Cord Chucks

G-Force Swirl Cord Chucks







Octagon Cord Nunchaku

Octagon Cord Chucks 


Polypropylene Round Nunchaku
Polypropylene Round Chucks

Polypropylene Octagon Nunchaku
Polypropylene Octagon Chucks

12 in. Round Black Speedchuck Nunchaku
12 in. Round Black Speedchuck Chucks


Rattan Nunchaku
Rattan Chucks

Nunchaku Swival Set
Chucks Swival Set

Foam Ball Bearing Nunchakus

Foam Ball Bearing Chucks


ProForce Ratan Speenchuk Nunchaku with Dragon

ProForce Ratan Speenchuk  with Dragon

Gold with Black Stripes Speedchuck
Gold with Black Stripes Speedchuck



White Wax Octagon Cord Chucks

White Wax Octagon Ball Bearing Nunchaku by Century
White Wax Octagon Ball Bearing Chucks

12 in. Round Black Studded Speedchuck Nunchaku
12 in. Round Black Studded Speedchuck


Demo II Black Practice Foam Nunchaku with Gold Dragon - Cord

Demo II Black Practice Foam Chucks with Gold Dragon - Cord


Demo II Black Practice Foam Nunchaku with Gold Dragon - Swivel

Demo II Black Practice Foam Chucks with Gold Dragon - Swivel


GloChucks lighted

ProForce Champion Nunchakus
ProForce Champion


Introduction to American Nunchaku DVD
 Introduction to American Chucks DVD



XMA Chucks


Converta Nunchaku   8 "

Converta    8 "


Nunchakus Case







Converta Nunchaku  12 "
Converta  12 "

AL6000 Lighted Competition Nunchaku
 AL6000 Lighted Competition

Foam Cord Practice Nunchakus
Foam Cord Practice 


G-Force Nunchakus


$69.95 for 2 Pairs


XMA Aluminum Nunchaku

XMA Aluminum  


Graphite Corded Nunchaku

 Graphite Corded


Carved Dragon Corded Nunchaku
Carved Dragon Corded





Octagon Demo Nunchaku

Octagon Demo





  We offer a variety of  Nunchakus including martial arts nunchucks, foam Nunchuck, Octagon metal nunchuck, Cord Nunchaku, graphic competition nunchaku, octagon hardwood nunchaku, plastic nunchaku, zebra nunchaku, ball bearing nunchaku,
Natural octagon hardwood, carved dragon hardwood nunchaku, grooved grip dragon nunchaku, mini round nunchaku, weapon nunchaku master kit, 3 section foam staff, nunchuck tricks, martial arts weapons nunchuck skills, canvas nunchaku case, vinyl nuncaku case, nunchaku sticks, bruce lee nunchaku, nunchaku weapon, glow nunchaku, weapons including Sais, Kamas, Knives, Nunchakus, and many more. We also provide practice weapons, such as Bokkens, foam Kamas and practice swords. If you need new ideas for tournament we provide weapon DVD's and books that can help you find that new trick to win your competition. There is also a variety of cases and bags to help you keep your weapons in great condition. If you are in need of decorations and already have a weapon you don't want to give up we even sell holographic self adhesive film that can be applied to several different weapons like Kamas, bo, and others. Please check out other areas of our site for more karate supplies including gear bags, sparring gear, and shoes is your source for Karate Supplies, Martial Arts Equipment & Kung Fu Supplies

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Complete Lightweight Student Uniform by BBS
Complete Lightweight Student Martial Arts Karate Uniform


Century Martial Arts Karate Student 5 Pc  Saprring Gear Combo Set
Martial Arts Karate Student 5 Pc  Sparring Gear Combo Set
Sale $55.99

Santa Christmas Ornaments
Santa Christmas Ornaments


Bold Deluxe Gear Bag





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