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Middleweight 8 oz Brushed Cotton Sleeveless Martial Arts Karate Jacket by Century


8 oz Middleweight Brushed Cotton Sleeveless Martial Arts Karate Jacket


Middleweight 8oz Brushed Cotton Sleeveless Jacket by Century
This brushed cotton fabric balances comfort and durability.     
bullet  It is available separately or as a complete traditional uniform.
bullet Choose from four colors.
bullet The Sleeveless Jacket has six rows of stitching on the sleeve for greater strength.
bullet There are reinforced vents for durability.
bullet Locked down seams lay flat providing comfort. Inside ties hold jacket in place.
bullet The product is made from 100% brushed cotton.

Colors: White, Black, Red or Blue
Sizes: 0 through 7

Item # :  02192


List Price: $44.99

Our Price: $35.99



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