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Lauren Kearney Rock Solid Bo Techniques Series Titles


Lauren Kearney Rock Solid Bo Techniques Series Titles

Lauren Kearney Rock Solid Bo Techniques Series Titles

Lauren Kearney is an elite National Champion having appeared on television around the world and in numerous Karate and Martial Arts publications.

She is an ISKA World Champion in Weapons, winner of 12 Grand Champions, Best All Around Girls Black Belt Youth, Youth Overall Girls Weapons and Forms Champion. She is a 2nd degree Kenpo Black Belt and member of the Team Paul Mitchell National Karate Team.

Four volumes to choose from. Available in both VHS and DVD.

  • Vol. 1: Bo Basics Basic stances, strikes, hand positioning. Drills. Impressive strikes. Figure 8, sweep forward strike, sweep upper cut, five strike sequence & much more. Approx. 40 min. #189215
  • Vol. 2: Bo Basics To Kata Traditional formatted Bo kata. Step by step instruction. Can be used for beginner or intermediate level. Approx. 40 min. #189216
  • Vol. 3: Bo Forms Skills to compete such as: hand offs, spins, throws, & swings. Around the head back, behind the back strike, baseball swings & much more. Approx. 40 min. #189217
  • Vol. 4: Championship Bo Incorporate the Bo basics, drills, advanced techniques along with creativity to score with the judges. Secret tips & tricks and favorite drills, musical suggestions & judging insights. Approx. 40 min. #189218

  • Only volume 1 is available
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