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The Warrior Within DVD

Take the journey . . .
Reveal the warrior within you!

DVD the Warrior Within

The Warrior Within is a movie about Martial Arts; about their beauty and their lethal potential, their history and their present status. It is also about their place in a modern society whose escalating crime rate and violence is making the knowledge of self defense a necessity for more and more ordinary people, especially women. It begins as a tribute to the great Bruce Lee. His brother, Robert, composed, played and recorded music especially for this film. Viewers will see how Bruce Lee touched and changed the lives of all the people he knew and worked with and you will be able to take a look at his original creation, Jeet Kune Do. Martial arts fans will have the opportunity to see some of their favorites in action. The cast list reads like a "Who's Who in the Martial Arts". Each is a highly ranked representative of their style and art. 

Chuck norris

• Chuck Norris
• Dan Inosanto
• Fumio Demura
• Mike Stone
• Master Moses Powell
• Ron Taganashi
• Little John Davis
• Chaka Zulu
• Master Florendo Visitacion
• Tom Ebihara
• Hui Cambrelen
• Master Leung Shum
• Thomas La Puppet
• Rabbi Alex Sternberg
• Master Wai Hong
• Master Poi Chen
• and many others

Discover the teachings of martial arts...
...and how it may one day save your life! Nothing has gained popularity faster the last few years as Martial Arts. The film "The Warrior Within", seeks to unlock the mystery of this art. It will show you why learning self defense is essential and may one day save your life and the life of your loved ones. Find out why millions of people around the world are learning these arts and taking it very seriously. Our exclusive film will enlighten, empower and inspire you! It's guaranteed to be a real eye opener into the world of martial arts. You will learn how it is an intelligent solution for you and your family, not only for protection but also self confidence and peace of mind! Take this invaluable and important opportunity to see "The Warrior Within" with your family. 

Be Entertained with the best!
"The Warrior Within" received the highest honor a Martial Arts film could be awarded! The "Las Americas Film Festival" presented Executive Producer Manuel Ortiz Braschi with the "Gold Medal Special Jury Award" for its content, beautiful slow motion sequences, superb technical credits and good commentary.

Fifteen top practitioners...
...of Jeet Kune Do, Karate, Kung Fu, Jujitsu, Kendo, Tai Chi Chuan and Classical Oriental Weaponry pay tribute to the martial arts master of all time, Bruce Lee. Their expertise is brought to life before the probing eye of the motion picture camera, that delves into the Americanization of these arts. In addition to exhibiting their deadly skills, the masters talk honestly about themselves and about their mystical, spiritual and philosophic thoughts on the ancient art of self defense. This film is a welcome step away from the sensationalism that all too often surrounds the subject and it is considered by many to be a classic!


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