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Master Tat Mau Wong's Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Training DVD Series Titles

Master Tat Mau Wong's Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Training DVD Series Title


Master Tat Mau Wong's Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu Training DVD Series Titles

Starring Master Tat Mau Wong

Seventeen titles to choose from.

Volume 1: Fundamentals Approx. 55 min. #FUTD-001
Volume 2: Small Plum Blossom and Two Man Plum Blossom Fighting Set Approx. 56 min. #FUTD-002
Volume 3: Animal Forms And Tuet Jin Hand Form Approx. 56 min. #FUTD-003
Volume 4: Crane Form Approx. 56 min. #FUTD-004
Volume 5: Cross Pattern Grabbing Form Approx. 55 min. #FUTD-005
Volume 6: Shaolin Staff, Shaolin Two Man, Fighting Staff Approx. 55 min. #FUTD-006
Volume 7: Single And Double End Whirling Staff Approx. 50 min. #FUTD-007
Volume 8: Tiger Tail Broadsword, Horse Bench Set Approx. 53 min. #FUTD-008
Volume 9: Pressure Point Fan, Double Edge Sword Approx. 53 min. #FUTD-009
Volume 10: Spinning Spear And Whip Chain Approx. 57 min. #FUTD-010
Volume 11: Hidden Butterfly Knives and Spear Vs. Butterfly Knives Approx. 50 min. #FUTD-011
Volume 12: Three Sectional Staff Approx. 57 min. #FUTD-012
Volume 13: Wooden Dummy Approx. 56 min. #FUTD-013
Volume 14: Self Defense Approx. 50 min. #FUTD-014
Volume 15: Full Contact Fighting Approx. 60 min. #FUTD-015
Volume 16: History And Traditions Approx. 50 min. #FUTD-016
Volume 17: Ping Kuen Advanced Form Approx. 54 min. #FUTD-017

Item # :  FUTD


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