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Century's Exclusive Mixed Martial Art Training Glove

Century Mixed Martial Arts Training Gloves


Century's Exclusive Mixed Martial Arts Training Gloves - four finger design, high quality leather, high quality leather, $28.99, item # c14991, blue/black or silver/black

Century's exclusive gloves incorporates an open design with a thumb loop integrated into the wrist strap for easy on and easy off functionality.


Circle06_black.gif Made of high quality leather with PU covering back of hand.
Circle06_black.gif Reinforced stitching on our four finger design provides a quality glove unmatched in the industry.
Circle06_black.gif Dense, high quality foam covers the back of hand and fingers.
Circle06_black.gif Shorter finger design insures maximum hold on an opponent without restrictions to range of motion.
Circle06_black.gif Available in Blue with Black or Silver with Black.
Circle06_ black.gif Available in S/M, M/L or L/XL.

Item # :  14991

PRICE:    $28.99  

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