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Century BRAVE Women's Micro Mitt


Century BRAVE Women's Micro Mitt


Century BRAVE Women's Micro Mitts


  • Courage. It's something you can only find inside. It can't be gained through books or videos, or purchased in a site. But it can be won with hard work. It takes guts, and it isn't easy, but great achievements come from great beginnings. So focus. Take the first step. And be BRAVE.
  • The BRAVE line of training gear is for the martial arts enthusiast or cardio kickboxer, giving you the best foundation in whatever style you choose. Easily adapted to fit a variety of athletic workouts, the BRAVE line features multi-layered foam for impact and polyurethane covering for durability.
  • Specifically made to fit a woman's hand.
  • Designed for improving speed and reflexes.
  • Ideal for partner training.
  • Guided finger channels ensure a secure grip for catching punches.
  • Lightweight foam and polyurethane construction.
  • Sold as a set
  • Color: black/plum

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