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Hayashi Bleached Single Weave Judo Uniform

Hayashi single weave bleached Judo/Jujitsu uniform

Photo courtesy of Tiger Claw

Hayashi single weave bleached Judo/Jujitsu uniform.

bulletOur Hayashi Judo/Jujitsu uniforms are made of the finest 100% natural bleached cotton fabric.
bulletThe top are designed with the traditional rice-grain weave on the top section and the diamond pattern on the bottom section.
bulletThe pants have the standard draw string waist and quilted knees.
bulletHayashi Judo/Jujitsu uniforms stands behind the heavy duty re-enforced stitching that take as much punishment as one can give.
bulletThe lapel is wide and padded for a proper hold.
bulletTo protect the lapel seams and the joining of the two fabrics- there is a durable seam cover.
bulletThis will strengthen the main stress areas of the adjoining 100% cotton material.
bulletAnother key feature is the extra fabric and stitched re-enforcement on the shoulders and the chest area.
bulletThis will compensate the usual tugging and pulling from your opponent. bulletSold in sets only and tailored to American sizes.
bulletIncludes white belt.
bulletFor proper fit, please refer to the size chart link below.

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