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Single Leather Training Clapper Mitt


Black Leather Single Clapper Target training mitt


Single Leather Training Clapper Mitt

Ideal design for practicing high and low kicks. Leath

  • Specially designed to make it easier for the holder to Tra
  • Leather over high density
  • Elastic wristband ensures a strong, firm hold for all kinds of kicks and strikes.
  • Red/Black.
  • Each Sold Separatelying

  • Item # :  BBSclap2540s

    PRICE: $17.99



    One of the most important things used in the martial arts is training equipment such has square hand  targets, taekwondo paddles and hand paddles, Punch Mitts, makiwara boards designed to make the training process enjoyable and fulfilling. We offer a wide variety of training equipment to help achieve this need. Our equipment ranges from punching bags both light and heavy, speed bags, free standing punching bags, hanging punching bags, Martial Arts targets, Martial Arts Training shields, and blockers. We also offer Dojo Games to keep fun and variety in your classroom as well as Training Mats, Cold Packs, and Stop Watches to keep your training well organized and safe. For other ideas and for more equipment check out other areas of our site such as our Martial Arts weapons section.


























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