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Martial Arts Karate Taekwondo  Judo Belt Master Display Case

Belt Master Display Case
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The Belt Master Display Case features:
Martial Arts Karate Taekwondo  Judo Belt Master Display Case

- Display keeps your belts dust free
- Display is sized at 12 1/2" x 2 1/4" x 2 1/2" and holds belts up to 2" wide
- Each piece sold separately keeping display always looking complete
- Great Black Belt Club wall display
- Makes a great gift at belt ceremonies
- Sign holder can display belt certificates and be mounted vertically or horizontally
- Excellent collectable for children
- New added third clip for stronger design
- Developed from over 36 yrs. of training research and design by Master Nick Patakos

Easily mounts on the wall in minutes or display on your desk individually. Each acrylic belt case piece and sign holder sold separately. Clip one case at a time for easy assembly. Choose from 3 different certificate styles.

SKU #3008 - Individual Display Case
SKU #3383 - Certificate Display Case
SKU #8686 - Kickers & Stars Certificate
SKU #8687 - Black Belt Beyond Certificate
SKU #8688 - Black Belt Wreath Certificate
Please note: All items are sold separately.


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