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Beginner Krav Maga: Complete Classes for Home Training


Beginner Krav Maga: Complete Classes for Home Training



Beginner Krav Maga Complete Classes for Home Training is designed to make your home study and training much more realistic, and useful. Includes 4 classes, approx. 30 minutes each. Follow along with one of the classes on the DVD (alone or with a partner), just like training in a real facility. The classes includes unique drills to gain skill and movement improvement in your techniques, along with fitness elements. Included on this DVD:

o    Class 1 - Warm Up, Drill 1: Hammer Fist Reactions Drill 2: 360 Blocking Practice, Drill 3: Choke Defenses, Drill 4: Hallowing w/Counter Kick, Conditioning Round, Drill 5: Rear Bear Hugs, End Game: Cover Guard from Side Control.

o    Class 2 - Warm Up, Drill 1: Defensive Front Kick to Cover, Drill 2: Clinch Knees, Drill 3: Ground Defense Compass Drill, Drill 4: Combatives to Sprawl, Conditioning Round (Core Exercises), Drill 5: Wrist Grabs.

o    Class 3 - Warm Up, Drill 1: Hair Grab Defenses, Drill 2: Front Gun Defenses, Drill 3: Side Head Lock & Rear Naked Choke, Drill 4: Circle Kicking Drill, Drill 5: Self Defense Circle, End Game: Scissor Sweep Game.

o    Class 4 - Warm Up, Drill 1: Rear Gun Defense, Drill 2: Guillotine Fatigue Drill, Drill 3: Front Instep to Defensive Thrust Kick, Drill 4: Overhead Stab Defense, Drill 5: Front Bear Hug Practice.

o    Perfect for home study students to get more practice in at home (alone, with a partner, or with a training bag). 

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