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All 10 American Style TaeKwonDo  DVD's


All 10 American Style Taekwondo Belt Level DVD's

by Master James Holan
All 10 American Style TaeKwonDo  DVD's

Demonstrations of all the American Style Rank Requirement from White Belt through Black Belt. All forms are demonstrated in slow motion from both front and rear angles with detailed explanations. All kicks from beginner kicks to advanced kicks including the Tornado Kick. Blocks and strikes are also shown on each DVD.  Each DVD will even have classes filmed demonstrating each technique that you can even work along with.  Each DVD is the complete requirement for a belt level.  This is all you need to learn to be a Black Belt in American TaeKwonDo.  This set will make you an expert.

Forms Chon-Ji thru Kwang-gye
9 Basic kicks
5 spin kicks
5 Jump kicks
4 Jump Spin Kicks




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