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Advanced Krav Maga


BOOK: Advanced Krav Maga

Advanced Krav Maga

Advanced Krav Maga -- The contact combat system of the Israel defense forces.

Get in the best shape of your life and master real fighting techniques with advanced krav maga.

Based on the principles of enhancing natural instincts and using appropriate force for self-protection, anyone can master the moves of krav maga-the international self-defense and fitness sensation designed by the Israel Defense Forces. This follow-up to Krav Maga: An Essential Guide to the Renowned Method-for Fitness and Self-Defense explores essential combative tactics, including standing, clinch, and extensive groundwork from yellow, orange, and green belt levels, to help you update and improve your skills. In this guide to advanced techniques, David Kahn will teach you:

- The mind-set of effective self defense.
- Upper and lower body combatives and defenses.
- Powerful retzev workouts.
- New techniques for mastering escapes.
- Women's self-defense principles.

Regardless of strength, size, age, or gender, you can learn advanced techniques for fending off an unarmed attacker-swiftly, powerfully, and simply. And the conditioning you will achieve by practicing these techniques will tone your muscles, improve your reflexes, and get you fighting fit.

This is an up-to-date and advanced guide to real fighting techniques and rigorous conditioning, from one of America's leading experts in krav maga.

David Kahn is one of America's leading experts in krav maga. After years of intensive training under Grandmaster Haim Gidon of the Israeli Krav Maga Association (IKMA) and having received his IKMA advanced black belt teaching certifications, David now serves as the IKMA's United States Chief Instructor.

This book has not been authorized, approved, or endorsed by the Krav Maga Association of America or any other krav maga organization or association. The activities described in this book may be too strenuous for some people. Please consult your physician before beginning this or any other strenuous training regimen.

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